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Cleaning Eavestrophes

Tips to Prevent Insurance Claims in the Fall

No matter how bad we want summer to last, fall and eventually winter will be upon us. During these months leading up to winter we may face a variety of weather such as freezing rain, ice, and even snow.

Frozen pipes, slip and fall injuries, roof collapse, and car accidents are a few of the claims that can occur during this time.

The following are some tips on protecting yourself against the elements to prevent unnecessary complications:

  1. If applicable, have your chimney cleaned by a professional before using your fireplace
  2. Check your roof. If there are any problems hire a professional contractor to fix them. This includes flashing and seals around the chimney or skylights.
  3. Have your furnace or boiler system checked and inspected prior to the start of “heating season”
  4. Check your eaves trough and downspouts. If there are any leaves and sticks in your eaves trough, remove them. This will allow proper water drainage and prevent water entering your home. Also make sure your downspout extend to be at least a couple feet from your home.
  5. Trim your tree limbs hanging over your home. If there are limbs over your power lines call a hydro provider near you. These limbs can cause damage if they fall during snow and ice storms.
  6. Store and secure your outdoor furniture and BBQ. Anything left outdoor can be damaged during a storm.

We can do everything possible to reduce the risk of damage, however, nothing is certain. If damage does occur, make sure you and your family are safe and unharmed, then contact your local broker to report the damage.

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